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Tired, but there's an upside!

Six and a half hours. That's how long I spent working today. All of it overtime. So it came out to like 118 dollars come next paycheck. But that'll be closer to 70 once taxes are taken out. Still, it sucked. Six and a half hours. Basically my entire day. My. Entire. Day. But April was trained pretty well, and I can leave it to her in two weeks. I need to talk with my boss though, because six and a half hours is way too much for anyone, no matter what.

On the plus side I have the house to myself right now. First time I've had the house to myself in months, it seems like. It feels good. I could do a Tom Cruise Risky Business thing if I really wanted to. Thankfully, I have no urge to emulate Tom Cruise at all. It's kinda funny too because yesterday I was telling girltype just how much I missed having the house to myself. Win!

But you know what was not a win? Today it was NICE AND SUNNY!!! Yesterday was rainy as all hell, and yesterday we were supposed to go to the Corn Maze but we couldn't. If it stays nice like this (God willing) then we'll go next Saturday. We went to the Longhouse, but they changed cooks and this cook isn't quite as good, so it was sad times. Sad times indeed. Then we went to the bookstore and best buy. I didn't get anything, but it was still nice to hang out.

I really need to write some more. I haven't written anything, sans journal entries, in days. But I've just been so tired. Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the day when I do some writing. Yes sir.