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I am Pooh...


I mean... I ate. And ate. And ate. And... ate... seriously! Today I went with girltype out to a place near my old house. I went there once before, but I was in a really bad mood that day so I don't remember how pretty it was. But damn, that place was pretty. AND we saw a wedding happen. No lie. Two people got hitched right there at the restaurant in the back. Which was kind of sad, because I wanted to sit outside, but it was cold and windy so it was actually a good thing that we didn't. Then it started to rain like 2 minutes after the wedding. Again, no lie. All the people came in and started to drink, which was kind of pathetic, and I was the one who was sitting closest to the window, so Vanessa kept on asking me 'what's happening!?' And I was staring like a loser. But it was nice. Very nice.

But I had clam chowder. Then I had calamari and fries. Then I had a piece of coconut cream pie. This was in addition to all of the bread I ate (where they used Japanese butter, as Vanessa called it), so I was surprised I was able to eat it all. I'm even more surprised that I'm not throwing up right now, but I don't feel sick at all. Then we went and hung at her place because her dad took her wipers off, and it was raining (!!!). We spoke of the ways. It was good times. Glad we hung out. Better than doing nothing.

Now, work. I have to go in tomorrow. Sucks. But we got a person hired for Saturdays. Not suck. I have to train her for the rest of the month until the 27th, which is my dad's birthday and the day of the party. Ergo... I have 3 more Saturday's left before I'm free. FREE! But still, working for 3 more Saturdays does blow, immensely. What you gonna do?

Time to let my MP3 player charge while I do something else. But what? I could watch my soaps, but I'm not really in the mood to fast forward through 3 hours of programming and ultimately watch about 20 minutes altogether. I think I'll watch Golden Girls. No fast forwarding there.