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There goes that dream down the drain!

You know... it's funny. It's REALLY funny. Like two days ago I was thinking 'Nicholas Gonzalez would make a great addition to the cast of Grey's Anatomy. He could play some Mexican doctor and be worthy of Callie's love, not like that whimpering bitch George.' It was just a thought. A beautiful, beautiful thought. So, I'm watching last night's episode, right? And I hear that voice and I stop and go 'hey, that's Nick!' And it was!! I didn't even know he had a guest appearance, and there he was. It was so damned creepy.

And then he was some druggie named Clark (what kind of Mexican name is Clark? I mean, seriously...) and he dies at the end. Dream, I dubbed thee crushed. Denied. Y'know, one of my father's friends ended up dying because his meth lab blew up. He was at a hotel, too. But still, now my dreams won't come true. Oh well, there's always RPG groups. Not that I intend on joining one. Because that would mean finding one. Which never happens. Grr. Just... grr.

It was a good episode. I liked the opener way more, and I'm pleased that they've basically downplayed a majority of the interns (hell, where were the other interns aside from Christina's?), but Meredith is a bitch, plain and simple, and what little love Izzy had earned after her time embracing her inner Disney Princess has since become null in void.

But what about Ugly Betty? It was full of blah. I do love Vanessa Williams in that show, though. Yes I do.