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Last night I watched all three of ABC's prime time shows, starting with the premiere of Pushing Daisies. Now, I love Chi McBride. I've loved him ever since he was the Principal on Boston Public, a show that still sorely needs to be put on DVD. But that isn't everything that I love about the show. No, far from it. The concept is incredibly interesting. The tension is decent. The writing is snappy and funny. In short, this is the kind of show that I wish Cane was. Not in so much that it needs to be exactly like it, but a show that has drama and comedy infused to create a gripping, yet still fun, piece. I will certainly be watching more of that show.

Then there was Private Practice. Last week's premiere was a good episode, but it wasn't all that great. There were things that I liked, and things that I did not like. This week? This week it was all good. I know that, with spin offs, people tend to worry if the show can keep up with the momentum of its parent show and not just seem like some huge mistake. The second episode proved that this cast can carry themselves all on their own, and in a lot of ways it could just be any other medical show as opposed to a spin off of Grey's Anatomy. I absolutely love the doctor of the hospital. She's so bitchy. I hope that she loses her job as chief and then has to go to their private practice. Such a great character, and hot, too. Okay, that could be my motivation for liking her as much as I do, but if so, who cares?

Finally, completing the trio, was Dirty Sexy Money. Another show that provides humor in the midsts of everything else. But this time it was more humorous than last week. I laughed more than a few times, quite loudly. If they keep up this level of amusement I shall continue to be a viewer. I can't say that it will quickly become a favorite show of mine, but it would be one that I would tune in to regardless.


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Oct. 4th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
I just finished watching PP and I thought it was miles above the previos episodes. I really enjoyed it, and I like that there is a real difference in tone between that and GA. I think it really says a lot that the characters have such COMPLETELY different voices.

Haven't watched DSM yet, but I loved the premiere!
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