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I'm not sure I'm ready...

So, Sunday. My favorite night of television, bar none. Simpsons was once again full of meh. King of the Hill wasn't all that great. But it was the season premiere of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters! My two favorite shows on the air, back to back. Plus, we got the tv hooked up, so I can watch ABC in my room, just not with surround sound. A small snafu, nothing to complain about.

Desperate Housewives started out great. It really did. Edie's suicide attempt gone wrong was incredibly humorous. Susan worrying about going through 'the change' was also quite amusing, and I really don't like Susan at all. Bree being Bree is so wonderful. Lynette continues to amaze. And Gabby also has such biting lines. So, where did it go wrong? Dana Delaney. One, she seems to have a problem with Bree. This is unacceptable, for Bree is the Goddess and you will not ask her to cut down her damned pine tree so you can grow vegetables! Really, though, that's just being petty. I'm not feeling this storyline with her kid. Plus, once again the people have decided to have some random room hold all kinds of secrets. Didn't they learn in season 2 with Betty? We all know how that turned out! I have faith, I really do, but I'm not so sure it'll all turn out for the best. Of all the season premieres I've seen of live action shows, DH was probably the worst. Wait, second worst. I forgot about Cane.

But Desperate Housewives, though much loved, is not my favorite show on television. No sir. That belongs entirely to Brothers and Sisters. Commercials for the opener filled me with dread. Could Justin really be gone? This I do not want. His character is my favorite. Of course they spend the whole episode tap dancing around the issue, only to fill people with false hope and then bam take it away. And, of course, for next week they keep on showing shit that could imply so much. I know I shouldn't fall for it, but I can't help it. I made sure to check the 'starring' credits to make sure Dave was still listed. And he is, which made me feel okay... but he wasn't in the episode at all, which makes me wonder. It was a good season premiere altogether, but if they go that route they're really going to be losing something.