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So I should have done this last night...

But I was tired and zonked out really, really early. Last night I went to the County Fair with girltype. It was my first time going to the County Fair in about ten years, and I figured that, since I'm back here and all, I should at least go and see things. If nothing else it would prove to give me a bunch of redneck hillbilly moments that make up my hometown. So, did it? You betcha! What was the thing that we spent the most amount of time doing? Looking at all the farm animals that were on sale! There were pigs (including a pig that was squealing to death, and a pig that attacked a little girl... well, not really, but he was running and he got really close to her), sheep, goats, lamb, chickens, ducks, bunnies (cute bunnies!), gerbils and other things. And the biggest draw? The animal auction. One of my bosses almost bought a pig for 900 dollars because she was waving at some people to tell them where she was. Heh. We also saw a bunch of displays, some nice quilts, some little vegetable animals, and collections. Apparently they had a section made for lego creations. I was never aware of that growing up. I'm embittered. And so many people were all excited for the truck pull. What is a truck pull? Well, it's when they put as much weight on a truck as they can to see if it can keep on pulling without stalling. The hillbillies here LOVE it. And one of my coworkers was in it. A woman, no less. We didn't go and see that.

We watched a dog show, where they performed tricks. It was cute. But the people who were there were so annoying. Not the audience, mind you, but the two people who worked with the animals. Bad puns were rampant. And they had a little horse, too. The little horse didn't want to kneel, so they kept on trying to make him. It made me sad.

I ate. I had calamari that was pretty damned shitty. A corn dog that was good, but only the batter part. Some lemonade. Then later I got a horrible caramel apple, another corn dog for the Harpy, and a bag of cotton candy. Mmm, cotton candy. They only had mixed, though. Not straight up blue, like I wanted. Denied.

We walked by a haunted house and all they were playing was Thriller. It was easily the highlight of the night. Props for MJ! Props for MJ! The only ride we rode was the Ferris Wheel thing, which wasn't so much a Ferris Wheel as it was a box thing, which made me more comfortable... until I heard the gears start making sounds that gears should never make. But we survived, and it was kinda nice. While we were up there we got to see where we had parked.

Vanessa won a little dog toy, but she really wanted a Spider-Man. Winning the Spider-Man would have cost us another 14 dollars together, so we opted not to play. They also had Mario, but no Luigi. That shit pissed me off! Luigi gets no love. Injustice.

And, yeah. We didn't see anyone get into fights, though it was bound to happen, and it was actually pretty damned nice. Next week we're going to the Corn Maze. I've never been to that, either.

Coming up later today: the list of things that I will get come next month! I just need to go and make it...


Sep. 30th, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
Just be happy that you didn't get up close and personal with it like that one girl who ended up being comforted by her mom. That was actually pretty humorous.

I thought the best bit was MJ. MJ trumps all!