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Two more down!

Okay, so what do I think of Private Practice after its first episode? Does it have potential? Yes. Can Kate Walsh carry a show? Yes. Does it not feature characters that I loathe and rarely want to see but am constantly being bombarded with on its parent show? Yes! Is the idea of a male midwife incredibly creepy even though that's just stereotyping but I really don't care because... brr? Yup. Was the pilot great? No. Was it good? Yes.

Sometimes its kind of hard to judge a show by its pilot. And yes, I'm aware of the fact that the 'real' pilot happened last season during that one episode, but the point remains. This is the first episode proper of the series. The thing that makes me the most upset about Private Practice is that it doesn't really have that character who just makes me snicker and laugh. I do love the either sarcastic or just cynical individual. And maybe it's because they're not in Seattle, where everything rains all the damned time so you have a reason for being depressed, but I was really looking for a character who could fill the role that Christina, Miranda or Alex take on Grey's. Not really a carbon copy (there can be no other Nazi!), but someone who has shades of them. Plus I think it's kinda weird that there's a shrink there. And throwing Chris Lowell in just seems heavy handed. But the actors do well with what they're given, none of the characters have yet to get on my shit list (which Meredith and Derek were by the end of the pilot of Grey's... seriously) and it's just nice to see Taye Diggs in a show that, in all likelihood, will not get canned right away. But you know what sucks? Watching the show in the living room. I had to do that because of the whole 'no ABC' thing, and the sound system sucks in the living room. I can't turn it up without pissing off my parents and I can barely hear it because the living room is so large in the new house.

Now, onto Dirty Sexy Money. A show that has already given me characters of whom I loathe after one whole episode. I loathe the twins. I loathe the Baldwin guy. I loathe the whiny 'I hate you!' preacher man. But it did make me laugh a few times. In all honesty I don't see this show carrying itself a whole season. It just seems so banal. But the production values? They were obviously quite high. 5 episodes left to prove me wrong, but this might be a casualty of the season.

Tonight shall be fun.