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So, as I said, I watched the series premiere of Cane, the show that I no doubt looked forward to the most this season because it was a show that, gasp, focused on the minority that I am connected to! It seems like a stupid thing to watch a show about, honestly, but I don't make no attempts to say otherwise. And what did I think? Well, I don't really know. What I know is that I didn't love it. That's why I'm giving it the countdown. I give all new shows 6 episodes, which is about a quarter of a season unless that season is really long for some reason, to impress me and keep me enthralled. Some shows don't need that time limit. Brothers and Sisters hooked me from the start, for example. Other shows go through their grace period and come out the other side with an ultimately unhappy me. I'm looking at you, Heroes. I figure if a show can't give me something to invest in after a quarter of the episodes are over then there's really no reason to keep on watching.

But what did Cane give me? Well, it gave me a lot of bad hair. Truly, the teen boy and the youngest adult brother both had the same awful haircut. My GH peeps know the youngest adult brother as the guy who played Pete on the show until he got the pilot and left before he could seduce Georgie. His hair hasn't changed, though he has shaved. Then, at the end of the episode, teen boy shaved his head because he was supposed to join the military or something. I'm normally against shaved heads, but it was an improvement.

There was more than hair, though. Jimmy Smits's wife on that show is all kinds of hot. Mmm. She's also his character's adopted sister, which makes me cringe. It has a Dynasty/Colby's alum in Ken Howard, though the likelihood of his character making it to the end of the season seems to be rather slim. I think the worst part of the show is the fact that it doesn't really make me laugh yet. I'm all for drama. I mean, I watch soaps for crying out loud, but I like a little bit of humor injected into my drama. Cane didn't give that at all. Instead, it just gave a bunch of high stakes over the top situations that may not have come together in the pilot but may very well come together at the end. Assuming, of course, I watch to the end.

If anything, I might end up halting my Cane viewership altogether if the sixth episode does not happen by the time the Pit Bull attacks Eddie Matos's character. I saw it in the preview of what was going to happen this season, and that is far and wide the most sickening thing in the world to me. Why did it have to be a Pit Bull? Why? That kind of shit I don't support. Ever.

In other, somewhat related television news, House's season premiere was actually good, because it focused a lot on House and his team wasn't there to muck it up. I like solo House. Alas, I know it won't work.