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I hate sneezing!

I mean, I don't mind it when it only happens once in a while. But sometimes there are times when I just continually sneeze over and over again. And I do not have allergies, to my knowledge. But that's been happening ever since yesterday. I think I've already sneezed a good five times since I woke up a half hour ago. I could be coming down with something. I should really stop sleeping with the window open. But if I get a sick day off from work then, hell, I'm taking it. Must. Sleep. In.

Anyway, I finished Brothers and Sisters last night. Watched the three episodes that were on the last disc, and the deleted episode which was not the original pilot as I thought it would have been but an episode that was to serve as the second episode of the series. It actually dealt with the funeral, which I enjoyed because I felt like that was something that should have happened, but I think the second episode that they gave us as viewers of the show got a better episode overall. I've also concluded that I'm part Justin and part Kevin. If I wasn't so fug and fat I could be an actor. Or something. Oh, and if I didn't hate cameras. And people. But I digress.

So, tonight is the night, or maybe it already happened, that one of my eternal foes springs back to life: Halo 3. IGN had a poll for game of the year so far, and Halo 3 had like 50% of the votes. That's funny, because it isn't even OUT yet you stupid conformist sheep. I'm just saying. I suppose that many people could have beta'd it... maybe.

I wonder if they'll do a midnight release of Super Mario Galaxy or of Brawl. That'd be nice. I have the days off for Galaxy already, but I'm going to test it out and see if it would be better to get those days off after the game is released for Brawl. You know, the two days following it and work the day of. But that might be a bad idea, because I'd probably be frothing at the mouth that entire day and screw up shit at work... hmm. But if they do midnight releases for, at the very least Brawl, I wouldn't really have to worry about that, now would I? No sir.

Damn, why is Brawl still two and a half months away? Why!?