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Like that Blink 182 song says...

Work Sucks, I know.

Now, before you go accusing me of being a Blink fan, know that it is not true. I just used to watch a lot of TRL when I was in high school, and knew the lyrics to a hell of a lot of songs. Most of which stay with you when you hear them over and over again. But I digress.

Work. Sucks. Sunny, my former supervisor, notice the former? Yeah, that's right, the guy who does the most important job in the company walked out yesterday without telling us. I found out today. It was quite the shocker. Today was also Nicole's last day, so that just added insult to injury. And I miss Nicole so damned much already. Plus I had to help Peggy with CoA's again, because Friday's she's swamped. But we had a new system implemented yesterday, and that system still has a lot of kinks that needs to be worked out. Kinks suck. The computer that I use to make CoA's sucks because it's slow, I can't convert into PDF, and I can't check labels.

But what sucked the most? Darcie said that we would only need 2 people for Saturday. I HATE it when we only have 2 people. It doesn't matter that there isn't that much work to do, I work six damned days a week, if I can work a little bit less on that one day then why the hell shouldn't I? Turns out that Todd, the pour lab manager, has been saying that it isn't 'his' department so why should he give 'his' people, all of whom are trained because there was a time when they were the ones who would work on Saturdays anyway. That was when I lost it. I told Darcie that if they expected me to be the ONLY person in the damned company to work six days a week full time then I was just going to quit, because that shit wasn't worth it. And I meant it. So she talked to Ted, our boss, and we hashed out a plan. I still work on weekends (sucks, but I didn't expect to not have that taken away), but there will always be 3 people, counting myself, no matter how much work is there. Ted originally offered to give me more money, but I told him that wasn't what I wanted. I don't need to overwork myself in addition to already working six days a week, right?

Then, after that, I told Ted, "I was told that, by being Saturday Supervisor (because that's what I am) I would get a raise. I've been doing it for 3 months, and I just want to know when I will get that raise." He said he would talk to the accountant on Monday. Raise for me? Looks like it. Though it kinda sucks to get a raise in the long run. More taxes taken out. Less money. Suckage.

Still, I got what I wanted and then some. And it takes a lot to piss me off. I like to be calm and collected because it helps me keep my focus. But that just pushed my buttons. I like Todd, I really do, but what the hell is up with that shit?

We'll see how this raise thing pans out. I'll hound Ted, too. Because he said it. So I want it.