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I just had a chilling thought...

I, in all likelihood, won't be able to go in late to work tomorrow and sleep in, as I am 'supposed' to be able to on Thursdays as a way to make up for throwing away one of my weekend days because the man demands it of me. Why? Because Peggy might still be out. She fell from a ladder and may have broken her collarbone or some such. Obviously, I can't be mad at Peggy for this. Accidents happen, and I sincerely believe that she did not go out of her way to fall down a ladder and injure herself just to get out of work. In fact, I damn near guarantee it. But I can be mad at the fact that it causes me to do more work than I normally would, and I am mad about that. Plus, yesterday they fired Johnathan, one of the people who worked with Sunny, along with Peggy. So now Sunny is all by himself, and that shit sucks for him. But in the end it all comes down to the fact that I end up doing more work while being forced to neglect the other stuff that I do. We have so many unlabeled bottles in the lab because we're always strapped for time now that Brett is at school and no longer coming in to do them all while we're working on other stuff. We seriously need another person. Honestly. But they probably don't want to hire anyone. Bastards.

AND Melinda got a promotion to supervisor of the pour lab, while Hortencia got moved to the filtration lab. This is good for them both. I adore both women ever so much. But if Melinda goes on salary, which she might, then that just means that she will have no reason at all to come in on Saturday because she won't get paid anything for it. With Nellie gone, and maybe not coming back, that leaves me with two people who can come in on Saturday. And if Brett stops working Saturdays (which he should, because going to school 5 days a week and working 6 days a week will basically kill him) that means that it'll just be the three of us. Every damned Saturday. I'd rather work with them, though. They work harder than Brett.

God, work life sucks so much right now. So much.

In other, non-work related but not quite happy news: I stepped on one of the kittens when I walked into the room because it was so dark. Turned on the light and the damned thing wasn't moving. Scared the crap out of me until I reached down to check and it got up and moved away. Little bastard, trying to traumatize me like that.

In other, non-work related but happy news: Brothers and Sisters Season 1 will be mine today!!!! So will the new Growlanser game. Yay.