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Emmy Dish!

SALLY!!!!! Woohoo!!!! I was so happy when they called her name. She deserved it. I'm a bit sad that the tape delay edited out her speech because of what she was saying (I want to know what she said, dammit!), but what are you going to do?

Felicity Huffman was robbed. Robbed, I tell you! But, like I said yesterday, the odds that she would have won a comedic award for Bang (and she apparently submitted it, if the clip when the category was announced indicates anything) were pretty damned tiny. I just wish people would stop primping up America Ferrara. I like her, but she's not amazing.

You know who else isn't amazing? Katherine Heigl. I was amused when she corrected the voice over lady. I was amused when she gave her speech (my own mother said I didn't have a chance in hell!) HA! I wasn't amused when her name was called. Because she didn't deserve it. Am I happy for her that she won? Sure. But this is just like Natalia Livingston winning over Robin Christopher to me. Shouldn't have happened. Chandra should have had the award. I think the academy was just trying to hit up a demographic, and Katherine is an 'it' girl because of Knocked Up. You know what else sucked about her? Her lipstick. My god, it was like looking at a clown. Either that or she just had huge lips that I never noticed before in my life.

I wasn't surprised at all that the Sopranos won best drama (token win), but I was surprised that James and Edie didn't win the acting awards (pleasantly surprised). I hate that they handed out so many token wins to the show, though. I mean, honestly, the writing award? For the series finale?

A lot of the telecast could have been done away with. Kanye's appearance dragged on FOREVER and did absolutely nothing. It didn't even provide a lick of comedy. Ryan in a fruity outfit? Pass. I did like the Jersey Boy thing, but my mother was in here, sauced off her ass, and crying about how beautiful it was. Stupid woman. And it dragged on SO long. 10 minutes over. The hell is up with that?

I liked the Macy's commercial with all the celebs. It was funny. The first time I saw it. Then they kept on showing it again and again and again and again and again and again, which made me go "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

But, anyway, congrats to all the winners. Even if I don't think you should have won. Except you, Sally. You rock.

PS: Thanks for snubbing Heroes. Love, Me.