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Yeah, Carly, I DO think!

As stated before, and because I have time, I shall now make my predictions for the 2007 Emmy Awards. Now, before I do, please do take into account the fact that I don't get to watch them for 3 more hours. So, by the time most of you know who won what I'll barely be starting the damned pre-show on Fox. Tried to get an earlier feed, didn't work out that well... so I'm sad, but I'll live. Anyway, please... I can't MAKE you do anything, but if you want to be kind, don't blow the winners for me. Obviously this is partly on me, as I have to avoid my LJ friends list AND yahoo for the duration of the night, but, you know, just in case.

And, some pre-awards stuff. Saw some pics. Milo shaved and cut his hair. NOW he looks attractive. Unlike in that Big Girls Don't Cry video where he just looked like some STD carrying manwhore. But Hayden Panteierre (or whatever)? Girl, your dress sucks. It looks like shit. Honestly. Like one of those huge tarp things that we used to play with as kids in PE. Bad choice. BAD.

Under the cut, my picks for show and acting awards (nothing for directing, writing, or mini-series/movie, since I don't watch that. But, go Debra Messing!)

Outstanding Drama Series: I REALLY do not want Heroes to win, because the show is overrated and crappy beyond measure. I don't want Grey's to win, because though I am a devout watcher, it doesn't deserve to win because so much of that shit is just beyond poor. I also don't want House to win, because if you take out House himself the show is just pretty damned boring. But if they submit that one episode where House and Cuddy are on the plane? Then I'd be okay with them winning. I don't watch Boston Legal. I don't watch the Sopranos. But let's be honest... this is going to the Sopranos, just because it's the last time they can get it. If it doesn't go to the Sopranos? I'd say Grey's will get it. Don't want them to, but as long as Heroes gets shafted (considering it shouldn't have gotten nominated), I'll be happy.

Outstanding Comedy Series: Don't really give a shit. Desperate Housewives is funnier than all those shows. Ugly Betty is good, but it isn't THAT good. Seriously, I can't stress that enough. But if it won... well, it's the only show out of them all that I really watch, so, by default, I go with them.

Lead Actor, Drama: Hugh all the way! House is just such a wonderful character, and Hugh has that shit down. But they'll probably give it to James, because token wins are fun. Look at Genie Francis.

Lead Actress, Drama: Sally Field!!!! Her performance as Nora Walker is so utterly astonishing. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She ALMOST makes me want to go and hug my mother and tell her that I love her. Note the almost. She's not that good. And maybe once she gets that good then she'll win. For now? Edie Falco. Again, token. I hate it, but you know it'll happen.

Lead Actor, Comedy: None of these guys matter to me. Moving on.

Lead Actress, Comedy: Felicity Huffman!!!!! Obviously, some people are saying (with complete validation) that her best moments were more dramatic than comedic, and that is true. But Felicity Huffman is also completely amusing in season 3. Trust me, I just spent the week watching all 23 episodes, and this girl deserves Emmy Gold again. Even if she doesn't submit her 'funny' episodes (and she really should submit the reel from Bang, because that shit deserves an Oscar) the voters should take note of her supreme acting and just give her the award. Nobody deserves the Emmy (ANY Emmy) more than Felicity tonight. Nobody.

Supporting Actor, Drama: Like I said, I want Masi Oka to win, just because he's speaking Japanese 90% of the time (and Engrish the other 8%, with 2% given to future Hiro, who speaks perfect English with no accent. It's technically impossible, but who cares...). Not because he's impressed me so much (though he was the only character who was a 'lead' that I actually gave a damn about), just because of that. TR Knight doesn't deserve it, because George is pointless and stupid and needs to go away. That isn't TR's fault, but he doesn't do a damned thing that makes me care about George (which would be a feat, much like Sally Field's accomplishment), so I don't want to see him get rewarded. Shatner's won like the last two in a row... how? I have no clue. But he did. Maybe they'll give another Sopranos token. If they do I hope the academy is ready for the firestorm of controversy they're going to get.

Supporting Actress, Drama: This is seriously THE hardest one for me, because I love three of the women in here so much. Rachel Griffiths is indeed a powerful actress, and her role as Sarah is so beautifully crafted and played. Sandra Oh's Christina works on so many different levels just because of the actress's talent. Chandra Wilson's Miranda is tough and soft in almost equal levels, and that is no small feat. Really, Chandra should get it. She deserves it the most. Who doesn't deserve it? Katherine Heigl. What's she doing even nominated with the other two girls from her show? Where's Addison? If anyone else deserved it, it's Addison. At least her character does something of merit aside from gripe and whine and bitch and generally take up airtime. Your man been dead for a season, girl. Move your ass on.

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Meh. Doogie. Just because.

Supporting Actress, Comedy: Vanessa Williams as Willie on Ugly Betty is just so deliciously vicious and bitchy. How can you not support that? The answer? You can't not support it! It is what it is, and she is quite talented.

Like I said, the rest are all those mini-series movie things which don't really appeal to me, or the directing, which I don't really pay attention to. You'd think that I would be focused on the writing, but, really, I'm not. After all, Bang wasn't even nominated. So why give a damn?


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Sep. 17th, 2007 12:37 am (UTC)
I sooo agree with you! Specially on the Felicity part! SHE DESERVES MORE THAN AN EMMY FOR HER PERFOMANCE IN BANG!!!
Sep. 17th, 2007 01:12 am (UTC)
no no Milo was HOT in that video. I have yet to see him tonight, I shall keep my eyes peeled. I like Hayden's dress, if she were PREGNANT. and she claimed she didn't spray tan and I call LIE!!!!!!!!

not saying anything else!
Sep. 17th, 2007 01:45 am (UTC)
ugh. you know i hate tv. so just thinking about all the tv you watch. *shakes head* whatever. guess it's better than drugs. and i say this with love.
Sep. 17th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
Some people say television IS a drug.

And, if it is. Then it be my drug of choice.

Sides, the amount of time that you've spent watching HSMII on Television alone is like 2/3rds of an hour long show season...

But we like what we like with no shame. No shame!

By the way, did you try and stalk MJ in Vegas? I was going to call you and say 'MAKE SURE YOU LOOK FOR MJ!!!' It would have included hijacking a young boy and having him walk down the dark alleys while declaring how alone he was, and then you listen for MJ's howl and the 'sha-mon.'

No. Shame.
Sep. 17th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
.. no shame. saw mj fakes walking around. and they had mj at the wax museum but the outfit he wore was so tame and boring. it didn't do justice!!!!

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