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Emmy Night!

After waiting ever so long, tonight is finally the night! I'm all excited, because this is the first time that I've watched Network Television ever since May when the shows stopped. Yeah, Network TV in the summer sucks! Actually, most TV in the summer sucks, but I digress. But I swear if Heroes wins Best Drama I will lose what little faith I have in the system. Masi can win for best supporting actor, because I want someone who speaks another language to win the award just for the novelty, but that's only for the novelty, nothing more. I might do my own predictions later, I might not.

I watched Best Week Ever last night, just so I could see what they would do about the Britney debacle. It wasn't that great. Frangela's comments were wonderful, because Frangela kicks ass, but the rest of it? Not so much. It was there that I, unknowingly, saw little snippets of High School Musical II. Nothing important, something about a guy diving into a pool and Zac Efron winking for some reason. I also saw the nudie picks, though they were blurred at the naughty parts. Nothing special. She's not even that pretty. It was the first time I watched BWE in a long time, and it just didn't hold the same thrill for me. Lost the charm? Maybe.

Sunday is normally the day that my father and I do something in order to avoid football. But the game that my mother is going to watch starts at 5:30, so I be damned if I'm going to miss the emmy's just because she worships the pigskin. I would so totally throw an emmy party if I had people who would actually come. But what can you do?

I hate when there are a bunch of posts on RPG Player Sanctuary (the ad group that I check every Sunday), because 95% of the time they're just bickering about something instead of posting ads when the count is that high. And that shit pisses me off. It's been over a damned year since I joined a group, because nothing has really appealed to me. All the 'normal' groups are about high school. To hell with that shit. Sigh. It sucks so much. But I can't really do anything about it. After all, I'm just not good at being an owner, so yeah.

Now, let the great MP3 player purge begin!