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Money for me!

Drained though I may be (and believe you me, I am drained), today is a good day, for it is payday, the happiest of days. Money! It'll feel good to have money again. I haven't been 'broke' in the most technical sense of the word, but I've also not been living in the wealth that I am accustomed to. These are the things that happen when you buy a PS3. But, since that was my last 'big' purchase for the foreseeable future (since I don't need no damned 360), and since about half of the DVDs from last season have already been released (Brothers and Sisters, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls.. I think that's all I need to get...) and I've got most of the games that I need to get all paid off on pre-orders, that leaves me without things that I *need* to purchase. Which, of course, means paychecks will just sit in the bank, making my bank account look all big and pretty. I do fully intend on getting out of this place sometime, but right now I truly am enjoying living the life that allows me to blow off money like it's nothing. In the end, this boon is counterbalanced by the fact that I have to deal with my mother and the drama that she brings. So I think it all kind of evens out. She does bring a shit load of drama to any situation. It's true.

Upon checking IGN out, it appears that Eternal Sonata shall be released for the PS3. This pleases me. I don't know when it comes out, probably not until next year, but it looked like an interesting game. Since it was on the 360 that was all I was going to do: look. Ain't going nowhere near that piece of shit unless Square releases a Chrono Trigger or TRUE sequel to Secret of Mana, or some other huge title that just makes me go 'damn, now I have to buy it...' luckily, since the 360 is crap, Square wouldn't take a chance of releasing a big name on it (FFXI don't count), since it wouldn't sell in Japan. So, for the time being, I'm safe. I'm also pleased by the fact that the Wii Fire Emblem has indeed gotten a confirmed release date of... November 5th? That's BoA's birthday, which is the day of celebration! But it ships on that day, so it don't arrive until the day after.

Incidentally, I was checking out EBgames.com yesterday, and a version of Halo 3 costs 130 dollars? What the hell is in that damned package that merits costing half as much as a Wii and as much as a DS?

I do have to pre-order Love Letter today. I can't wait to add that to my MP3 player! And on Sunday I intend to go through it and delete some of the songs that I don't want to listen to. That'll be fun. I just checked Wiki's BoA article and it said something about how she's suspending her Korean Activities to enter the US Market. Now, this is Wiki, so it could be a load, but it doesn't stop me from wondering...