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Maybe I shouldn't have complained...

So, I got to watch AMC yesterday at 10. And what did I get? Basically, AMC, the 9-11 edition. First thing I see? A HUGE American flag that makes me go 'damn, they've already started this shit?' And then we go to Krystal's bar thing, and that's all they do. Talk about it. Was it good acting? Yes. Was it moving? Yes. Did I want to see it? No, no I did not. I hate when shit gets shoved down my throat like that. It happened. Most of us are sorry that it happened. We know it happened. We don't need an hour long reminder that it happened. That shit just pissed me off.

But when Kendall put those earplugs in so that she could experience what her son was going through? That was good television.

My dad picked up the show for me yesterday, because he said he didn't want to drive all the way over to the store when he was going that way anyway so that he could go and play music. It's seven discs, which surprises me. I think season 2 might have been seven discs, too, but given that I haven't so much as looked at anything beyond the box set of season 2 since I got it I really don't know for sure.

Starting at the end of the month, or the start of next month, I intend on doing that October purchases thing, that way I know what I need to get next month and it can be handy in a place where I can constantly access it.