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One of my favorite things in the entire world to eat is enchiladas. I LOVE enchiladas. My mother HATES making enchiladas (which may very well have something to do with how much I love them, but I can't say for sure), but she was going to make them yesterday and she didn't. I was sad. Then she said that she would make them today, and I was happy. But they weren't all the way cooked because our microwave oven thing (we don't have a conventional oven, in spite of the fact that my parents have been living in this house for about a year) is not working properly. Ergo, I got lukewarm enchiladas. With green sauce. I'm not overly fond of the green sauce. DENIED!

Plus, I may have lost 20 bucks when we were out on Saturday night, because it appears that I'm short 20, and I know I didn't spend any damned money. I might have left it in my pants, though. Which have probably since been washed. Sadness.

Oh, and today I realized that my father lost my razor, forcing me to use some disposable ones that he bought. They suck ass. It's like basically doing nothing at all. I hate them. Damn him! They're buying me a new razor, yes they are.

But all is not lost. Today was a very good Monday at work. I don't know why, we just weren't running around like crazy as we normally do on Monday, which is always a good thing.

As a side note: Brett Farve's hair color has not stood well against the passage of time. The man's like... 40, and nothing but gray. I guess 16 seasons of football will do that to you.

Another side note: I need to go icon hunting. I've got 20 free icons that I could be using, but ain't got no icons! What up with that?