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Milk ran out!

And it is therefore all my fault. At least that's what my dad wants me to believe. He's kinda right. I knew the milk was out, yet I did nothing about it. But I don't see why he's throwing such a huge fit. I told him we have to go to McDonalds today, which is literally two minutes away from my work. And he doesn't have to worry about buying my breakfast for me, I take care of that. I know he likes to bitch about everything, but damn, there are some times when you just want to smack the man and tell him to shut his damned mouth!

Brit's opening up the VMAs? Like I NEEDED a reason to avoid them this year. Though the idea of watching her get booed or suck completely is indeed alluring. I can always just youtube it. That'll be fun, to watch all the haters, verbal net haters, saying shit like "GO AND DIE!" or some such. And you know they're just going to show Timberlake and see how he's reacting to everything. Maybe even K-Fed, if he's invited (HA!). It's all so staged and pathetic. I was just reading an article on yahoo about how music videos are slowly being downsized here. And for me, that's a good thing.

I caught the tail end of Kelly's 'Never Again' performance last night. Wow, that was pretty damned bad. I know the girl can sing live. She just wasn't able to do it yesterday. But it is a much more difficult song to sing live when you're jumping around and being all manic. That's why most people lip sync when they're doing songs that are like that in nature.

I was checking out the DVD release schedule, wondering 'why isn't Gilmore Girls being released this month?' And, though I don't have an answer (though I suspect it's to give time to special features), I now know that it ain't coming out till November. I think the day that Galaxy comes out. So that means it'll take a backseat. A huge, huge backseat.