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Set's television roundup: Fall 2007

And, okay, so I still have like three weeks to wait until the new season of shows start up. But after the horridness that was the summer television schedule (blessed only by the unexpected joy of Army Wives), it's going to be fun to actually be able to watch television again.

So, there are a lot of shows that are coming out. Most of which will be gone within a few weeks. But I was taking a look at the schedule, either on Saturday or Sunday, and looking at the shows that I kind of wanted to watch, really wanted to watch, and didn't want to watch at all.

For the new shows, I really want to watch Cane, because it's a show with a mostly Hispanic cast, and I say its about damned time! I don't really give a crap 'bout Jimmy Smits, but, as a Mexican, I feel compelled to at least try and give my support.

I'm also looking forward to checking out Reaper. It seems like an interesting concept, and is being directed by Kevin Smith, whom I do love ever so much. Since he's not writing it, to my knowledge, odds are high that it won't have his brand of humor, but I'm still willing to give it a shot.

And then there's Private Practice. I've soured on its parent show, Grey's, for most of the third season, starting with that horrid season opener, and then that three part sweeps saga that was supposed to be the greatest thing since, well, ever, but really only turned out to be a whole lot of crap, but this isn't really Grey's. And, it centers around Addison, probably my favorite character from the show. It won't feature the characters I hate. If nothing else, I'll probably end up loving it more.

I'm iffy about that new show with Christina Applegate. I've loved her since her days as Kelly Bundy, and the show has Melissa McCarthy rebounding from Gilmore Girls (and I did love Melissa in that show), but I'm not so sure that its enough to pull me in as a viewer.

Ditto for Moonlight or whatever it's called. If Supernatural is any indication, such themed shows aren't exactly doing all that much for me as a viewer. Plus, it didn't test all that great according to its wiki article. I might watch, but I probably won't.

The other shows are mostly just there. Might dabble in them, might completely ignore them, don't really know.

But as for the returning shows... shows I've already invested an opinion in... I've got to say that I cannot wait for the new season of Brothers and Sisters. Such a wonderfully written show, which balances comedy and drama with such ease. It was my pick for best show of last season, and I watch a lot of television. I still think they should trim down the cast, but maybe they'll find a way to better balance the characters so that certain ones (Tommy, Julia, Saul) don't seem tacked on.

Desperate Housewives brings me continual joy. It really does. Haters like to comment that its just all been downhill since the first season, but I don't think that it's that bad. Yeah, season 2 was kind of iffy, but it was still way better than what people wanted you to believe it was. And season 3 featured the single greatest episode of television that I've ever watched (the grocery store hostage episode). It was a severe letdown the way that they wrapped up everything involving Alma and Orson's mother in like two seconds, but that was out of their control given Marcia's forced early maternity leave. Still a damned good show.

Ugly Betty started out great. So the annoying gay nephew continually makes me want to smack him upside the head just to shut him up... I can tune him out. Kinda. But then the season finale hit and it was just so over the top that I wanted to tell them 'not every single character needs to have some sort of life changing crisis!' I understand that the show is supposed to be over the top. But there's over the top, and then there's OVER the over the top. I hope it can rebound. I really do.

House is a show that's sort of just there to me at times. House himself is utterly amusing, and honestly can carry a show all on his own, but the series was starting to get too formulaic. Understandable, given that it is television, but I was looking for a change. For something. The last episode, featuring the underlings resignations and or firings, presents that change. So I'm weary, but also kind of looking forward to season 4.

I've already said part of my piece regarding Grey's, but I'll still watch, if only because Christina, Bailey, Callie and Alex deserve my love.

There's only one show hows return I openly dread. Heroes. As a comic fan, I was looking forward to the show. As someone who loved Milo in Gilmore Girls, I was really looking forward to this show. As someone who was like 'That's Steven Carrington #2!' (The horn rimmed glasses guy), I was really looking forward to this show. And then I realized about six episodes in that it just sucked. Too many characters, not enough focus. Too many characters I didn't give a damn about (including Milo's Peter). But it seems like everyone and their mother just out and out loves this show and refuses to see the flaws that are inherent within. So, instead, I'll be forced to endure yet another season of people hyping up something mundane. At least I won't waste six hours of my life watching like I did in season one.

Wow, that was an eyefull. Sorry!