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Or, at the very least, convince yourself that you can't go to Disneyworld THIS year and have to wait a little while because your best friend has to go to school. *Sigh* Still, school is important. Very important.

So, yesterday I bought this Sansa e260r thing from best buy. It seems okay. But I'm kind of concerned. Does anyone know about this thing? I was told to by a Sandisk MP3 player by the guy who fixed my computer, because the Ipods break too often or something. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that it uses this Best Buy Digital Music Store thing to upload songs. Even songs from my albums. I have a 2 month trial. Does that mean that after 2 months I can't upload music from my cds without paying the 15 dollar a month fee? Because that would suck. Or does that mean that I just can't download songs from the internet any more? Because that would be okay. I guess I'll find out the hard way in a few weeks, won't I?

Yesterday I also bought Justice League Unlimited seasons 1 and 2. I think I have the entire series now. Though I could have sworn that it had three regular seasons and then Unlimited. Never mind, just checked Wiki, I have it all.

I also went to Gamestop #1 (by Best Buy) and pre-ordered a handful of games. Finished paying off Galaxy, got Nights, Heroes of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics War Lions, Phantom Hourglass and... I think that's it. Still, the people at Gamestop #1 were pleased with me. Otaku was there, and that was sad. But they didn't have any copies of Mario Strikers: Charged. Neither did Best Buy. Or Wal-Mart. So I went to Gamestop #2 and bought it there.

Then I left the computer on all night so the Sansa could charge up via the USB port. And, in a little while, I will continue to upload songs. Lots of BoA already on there. But there are still a few more albums of hers to upload. I also can't find my copy of Gravity ANYWHERE. And it makes me so sad, because the cds that make up their greatest hits can't be stored in the MP3 player without skipping massively.

Another week without anything worth mentioning in the world of PBEM-RPGs. *Sigh* Sad times. Sad times.

I hope that I can go watch the Simpsons Movie with my cousin today. Might not. He was supposed to call yesterday. We'll see how that goes. I do want to do something with him before he leaves for school in a few weeks, though. Especially since girltype can't do anything this weekend.

I really need more people to hang out with.