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Let's talk about a few things. First, Saturday sucked ass. It was one of those humid, muggy days that made me wish I was somewhere else. We also had a family friend over, and damn was that man annoying. To be fair, he was dying, but he was dying from drinking too much, so I didn't feel all that bad since he brought it upon himself. Worse, his girlfriend is sitting right there, just chugging down the beers. Stupid woman. At the very least, he did not drink. Credit where credit is due. Anyway, then he started talking religion with the barefooted hillbilly next door, and I got pissed. I really do not like religion talk. It angers me.

Saturday had one high point, though: I saw the commercial for this Power Rangers 15th Anniversary Team Up Special deal while I was watching Lilo and Stitch. So, I watched it. Nothing else to do, no computer, and I was going to be damned if I went into the living room and talked about Moses. I haven't watched the newest incarnation of Power Rangers, and the days where I watched the show faithfully have long since passed. Occasionally I'll dabble in the newest incarnation. Mostly if I'm bored, or if I decide to see if the acting has at least marginally increased in quality. It hasn't. This newest batch of actors to portray the Rangers... damn. They're horrible. And the show features so much grunting and posing and shit that it takes up so much time. A shame, really. But the effects are prettier now than they were before. Got to give them that.

But it was still a really, really good episode. I'm not lying. It was amazing. I liked seeing these Rangers cross over with a bunch of older Rangers. It's a novelty, I know. It's basically what makes Kingdom Hearts what it is. There's just something undeniably cool about seeing these crossovers with characters who haven't done it before. And you have to give it up to the show. I mean, at least they make it a point to have some sense of continuity. This is a child's show, so, really, nobody expects them to. But they do, and they do it surprisingly well. You have to view it with a huge grain of salt, but it wasn't bad. I'm DVRing the second part tonight. Nostalgia for the win!

Sunday fared better. We went to the Garlic Festival, wherein I got the delicious Calamari which I yearn for all year round, just hoping that I will get the chance to taste its wonderful contents for one day. I zoomed straight over to that booth and got two, downed them all quick like, and then ate some more. All in all, I spent 30 dollars on food, and 12 dollars just to get in. But was it worth it? Oh yeah, it was worth it.

And still no pop ups!!! YAY!