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Let's talk Emmy's!

First and foremost: Lauren Graham shall go down in my personal history book as the one person who was spurned more than any other person in history with never even getting a damned nomination for kicking ass on Gilmore Girls. Yeah, season 7 was unworthy, but the other seasons sure as hell weren't!!!!

Next: Heroes getting a nod is the most asinine thing in the world. Why do people support that shit? It only makes other people assume it is worth watching, which it isn't! That being said, I wouldn't mind the Hiro guy winning for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. Only because it would be really cool, to me, for someone to win the award when that character really does not speak much English at all. I doubt he'll win BECAUSE of that, but it would still be nice. I like things like that.

Supporting actress in a drama series is going to kill me. Rachel Griffiths, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson ALL got nominated... who to choose, who to choose?!