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I've been a bad updater!

Yeah, I know, this month is like halfway over and I've barely touched the updating of my journal. I'm a bad boy. Bad Set. Bad!

So, what have I been up to? Lots of working. Blaine came back on Monday for a visit, and it was a happy, happy time. I was only able to visit with him for about fifteen minutes, and it wasn't all me and Blaine time (other people usurped it! Bastards), but still, Blaine was around for a visit. I miss that boy so damned much. It was on the day that Scott Clifton left, too. So it was truly a bittersweet day. Scott's ending was beautiful, too. Truly a worthy exit. Well, not worthy, because no exit is worthy. No exit is worthy at all. But still, for what I got, I was at least happy with it. Not so happy that they spent more time talking about him AFTER he left compared to how much they talked about him while he was still around, but, you know. Maybe they'll bring him back. Though I suspect a recast if anything else. If I don't have to deal with a recast and I get Scott Clifton on GH playing the 'real' Dillon instead of that lifeless husk he had been for about a year? Well, that'd be happy times.

Watched Nightshift, too. It was decent. Very high production values, though the computer generated image of Port Charles looks like shit and makes me laugh so much. And I don't like how they don't have a traditional opening scene. Such things are dead now. No shows have traditional opening scenes like they used to except on Daytime. ABC and CBS Daytime, mind you. I miss that. If I ever become a television writer and helm my own show I want a traditional opening sequence!

Speaking of NBC soaps... I watched part of Days because it's on before AMC and DAMN!!!!!! No wonder they never get nominated for awards. The acting on that show is just bad. Bad by the standards of which soap bad is judged. IE: Diego bad. And, going with the Diego thing... why is that bastard with absolutely no talent allowed to keep on showing up for GH fan events? Fan club weekend was this weekend, and there he was. Scott was there, too. His 'last' GH event, at least for the time being. But Scott earned his stake. Ignacio just needs to go the hell away!

And in other news: The World Series of Pop Culture Series 2 is a hell of a lot harder than Series 1. Worse, my beloved El Chupa already got eliminated! But I didn't get enough time to properly express my love for Alexandra! She's preggers. With twins, no less. I'm going to keep on watching, but damn if part of the love ain't gone. On the plus side, most of the teams I didn't like have ended up losing (The Truffle Shuffles, for example), which is a small bonus.

On the video game front, I ordered Riviera for the PSP. A damned, DAMNED good game. It has a redheaded witch, too. Whom I have fallen in love with. PSP owners looking for a good RPG to play should give it a try.

I ordered my Harley Quinn mini-bust, too. It should arrive by the middle of the week.

And I'm still waiting for my CDs from Yesasia. SM still hasn't put out the annual video, which worries me. Lord knows that I WANT my annual video, whatever it is, whatever I can get.

So, yeah, that's 'bout it. Don't know if I'll keep on updating... but, y'know.


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Jul. 16th, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)
ITA about NS, and I liekd it, but I don't like the differences between the 2 shows, like Spinelli's foot. Why can't they do stuff that wouldn't necessarily impact GH? Do you think it's Brenda? Or something to make us THINK it's Brenda and really just a relative to Coop?

Who are you rooting for on WSOPC? I like the brother-brother-sister team whose name I can't think of right now. I think some of the categories are harder, for sure. But, as usual, I am kicking ass. We should make a team!!!!!
Jul. 16th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
Remo-leen-teen-teen. Or Remo-leen-leen-teen. One of the two. The younger brother is cool, but the older brother with the huge hoop earrings and the curly hair? Not so much. He's all kinds of creepy.

I like them, though. I also like Perfect Strangers version 2.0, though it amuses me how the whitey is named Lucian. Usually, it's the African-American's that have the 'odd' names. (See the NFL football roster). I like Fragile.

I do not like 3 men and a little lazy, nor do I like those people from like Kansas or whatever.

As for Night Shift... they showed me Spinelli's leg. That harmed me. Though he did get shot. That pleased me. But I sure as hell would have aimed higher. In fact, I said that to myself when Jason was like 'I shot him on accident.' Even though we all knew he was lying I still said 'I would have shot a hell of a lot higher...' GOD I hate that idiot.

As for Brenda... they did say that 'Brenda's back' during one of those commercials for soap magazines, but it would be a complete slap in the face to kill her off on a spin-off, without giving her any sort of proper screen time. It could be Julia. Whatever the case is, at least now we'll find out if Coop is just some random person with their last name of it he's actually a member of said family. Though we all know he's got to be related to them.
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