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My Uncle is a damned idiot...

He asked me if I was looking at porn, when I was looking at the forums for solid to see if the new SM Town summer video had been released (it hasn't), and when I told him that I was not he asked if I could get some.

See what I live with? Well, thankfully I don't live with him, but see what I have to deal with? That shit ain't right.

Anyway, was doing research on Disney World, and though the park closes like at 8 or 9 every day we're going to be there, the day we get there (should we go) has extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom (3 hours!) AND MORE IMPORTANTLY!!!! It's the day when all the Christmas Celebrations start!!!!! I get to see Disneyworld AT Christmastime. Life is good.

Last night I got Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for my PSP (used, even though I hate getting used games, but what you going to do?) and Dawn of Mana. Unless Vanessa says she wants to hang out today it basically means that I'll be watching the house for 8 hours while my parents volunteer at the Rally. Suckage. That's why I told my dad that if I was going to watch the house for that damned long he best take me someplace where I could get some video games to keep my entertained. And I didn't even make him pay for them.

Otaku was working there again, and he was talking forever and a day about the virtues of the PS3 to this one guy who had a 360, saying that it was the best selling Sony system ever and whatnot. The man is on fucking crack. I hate him so much. And he kept me waiting, even though it's super damned easy to talk AND ring people up at the same time. Honestly, I wanted to bitch slap that bastard. I should have, but then I wouldn't have gotten my game. Priorities.

Now, I'm off to eat my breakfast and drink my Donald Duck orange juice. See? Disney rules my life.