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Transformers, one word review...


Of course, I'll give a much more in depth review when I come back from work. Yeah, that's right, my friends. Ever. Single. Damned. Person. Has the day off... but me! And I only have to go in for like an hour or two at the most. My boss said that I didn't have to come in until like 12, which made me happy because I thought 'hell, I'll still be able to sleep in.' But then my mom said she had to work at 8, so that meant I had to get a ride with her. And it sucked. Sucked so damned much. It's my own fault, too. I just had to open my mouth and ask the boss if we weren't coming in tomorrow. Because I had heard that we were not. Then he talked to Todd, and decided that someone (me) needed to come in. If I wouldn't have brought it up I could have just gone with the ignorance and then people would have been happy. Okay, I would have been happy.

But you know what makes me happy? Having a closet! They finally put up a makeshift closet thingy so that I could hang up my shirts. I've been living out of a bag ever since I came home, but now I have closet space! Dad says that he's going to take some of it. I tell him no damned way in hell is he taking any of my closet. He took it before. Last time 'my' closet was about 1/15th of the actual closet space I had. My closet. MINE! I'm possessive. Leave me alone.