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I wonder...

There's this list of 6 types of people who are annoying at work. I should check on it to see if I fall in one of them. *goes to check* Doesn't look like it. But I could be wrong.

Speaking of work, Friday is, theoretically, payday! Unless they hold my first check. They never have before, so I don't know why they would start now. So, I did some checking and, before taxes, I was going to take in about 600 bucks for working this week. I figure if they take about 100 of that for taxes I'll still have 200 left when I put away my 300 for the prospective (though still rather in doubt) Disneyworld trip. 200 dollars ain't a lot of money, but I really don't spend that much when I know I don't have to. And right now the biggest thing on my list is the Winnie the Pooh 30th Anniversary Friendship Edition DVD when it comes out on Tuesday. What? Don't look at me that way. I love Winnie the Pooh! I was very sad that I didn't pick up the 25th anniversary edition when it came out. I won't be making that mistake twice. No sir.

girltype and I have plans, as far as I know, to hit up the theater to see FF2 (and to see Chris Evans get owned continually. Oh, the thought makes me happy!) sometime this upcoming weekend. Preferably Saturday, after I kill myself working in the morning. But, with that kinda money, I can (again, theoretically) make her happy by treating her to Todai. Since I know she WANTS to go, and it's at a Mall where a movie theater is. Whatchu think 'bout that plan, V? You down? I could possibly go on Friday, but that would not be desired compared to Saturday. If I don't get enough cash we can just Longhouse and theater it there. Longhouse is a worthy secondary choice, we both know this.

Onto other things: I haven't fixed my computer problems entirely, though I have halted them soemwhat. Now I only get a pop up when I use Firefox, which is a direct pop up, treated very much like if I was opening a new tab. The IE popups have stopped, and they were the most problematic.

I really need to get a new wallpaper.