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It's too damned early to be up!

For those that don't know what time it is here, it is currently 5:37 AM at the start of this post. Technically, I should be asleep for another 23 minutes. And, at the time I woke up, I should have still been asleep for an hour. But no. No sleep for me, because I have to wake up an hour early to get to work an hour early so that they can train me to wake up at five in the morning on a SATURDAY (SATURDAY!!!!) and work on said day. I told them that it made no sense for me to come this Saturday (IE: Tomorrow) due to the fact that I was supposed to come all next week an hour early to learn how to do things for Saturday. Right, it's pretty counterintuitive, don't you think? I do. So, that plan backfired, because instead of getting to sleep in one more day I actually ended up losing some sleep time. Bastards.

What's worse is that my mom decided that she wanted to go bar hopping at 10 last night. For what reason, I have no idea. But she went. And I cannot sleep when my parents aren't home unless I KNOW they aren't going to be back for a long time, because I don't want to fall asleep and then wake up again. It didn't help that she told me they were 'going to the store' so I thought they would return quicker instead of taking over an hour. And they put two of the dogs in the room with me and shut the door. My room has no AC at all. Two dogs only made it hotter. Which made it even harder to sleep. It was very uncomfortable. All because my mother is too selfish to realize the simple things in life. Damn her.

Anyway, I got the new Anita Blake book, the Harlequin, yesterday at Target (and I saw TWO Wii's in stock. I haven't seen a Wii in stock... well... since the day I got mine!), and I've already read about half of it. It isn't great, though they did wait about 100 or so pages until they had their first sex scene. Trust me, in the current regime of Anita books, 100 pages is DAMNED long. It was pleasant.

Tonight is the daytime emmy's. Which go until 11. Which means I can't sleep until 11, when I have to get up at 5.

Damn my life sucks.