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Scott Loves ME!

Okay, so he says that he loves his fans. But I'm one of them, so he loves me, dammit. ME! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Even more than those people who send him birthday and Christmas presents. I'm not that pathetic. Or at least I tell myself that in order to make me feel better.

I do love him, though. So damned much it hurts.

Anyway, you know what else hurts? Having to work on Saturdays. Especially when you realize just how much of a kink it throws in your plans to go somewhere VERY important come November... because now you're not just going to miss 5 days of work, you're going to miss 6, and even though that one day really doesn't seem like it should matter all that much it does. It does a lot. So, you think to yourself that maybe, through some miracle of God, you can still go, and you want other people to not stop planning right now until at least September because it would suck to have to pull things together last minute and shit, but deep down you realize your chances are slim. And then you think of the money, and the fact that, if you should do a good job as the supervisor on Saturdays, you will ultimately find yourself getting even more money, which is always a good thing. But you still really, really want to go in November, more than anything else. Really. And you get conflicted.

Then you think about the fact that Scott Clifton loves you in some generalized (pun not intended) way, and you feel better, because it feels good to be loved, even by a guy who probably can't remember you.

Honestly, that post wasn't meant to turn out as morose as it ended up being. Please do not attempt to slit your wrists. It'll be okay.