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Due to delirium brought on by exhaustion, of which I have still not fully recovered:

We got our hats. Mine says Set. I need to keep it from my mother, lest she ask annoying questions about why my hat says Set and she has to find out about my internet psuedonym. Things I prefer not to tell her about.

I've concluded that all children under the age of 5 never be allowed to go to Disneyland, or any other Disney theme park for that matter. Especially infants or children in strollers, because strollers take up way too much room. If you've been in a party where you took a child in a stroller to Disneyland at any point in time you have thusly earned my ire. If you were the child in question you are spared, due to your inability to choose. Though I ask if you can remember anything about said visit. You can't, can you? Thus proving my point: Only go to Disneyland when you can REMEMBER going to Disneyland.

Thus far the Disneyworld trip (super soap weekend!) is looking like it will cost about 900 apiece for tickets/room/plane, though Lydia living in SoCal is complicating the process just a little bit, since I obviously cannot pick two different airports to travel from. How to remedy this problem, I do not know. And, that was staying at one of the cheapest Disneyworld hotels. 84 dollars a night. Pretty good.

Yuna Ito released a new video. I have just downloaded it. Happy times. Now I watch it once, then head to work.