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The whole park was great. The ride back was hell. More on that later. Let's start with the good. Thursday, got to girltype's house before 8, we were on the road around 8. We listened to lots of My Chemical Romance (who do a song about vampires), Eurovision stuff (which has a song about vampires), and Michael Jackson (who has gotten so much work done that he pretty much looks like a vampire). We did NOT see a single Sonics. I was denied, and I was sad. We also thought that we might have gone too far, but we realized we did not, and we were happy. At a McDonalds stop we made there was a child who severely needed to be bitch slapped. It wasn't even funny.

Hotel. Check in. Watch some television. Go to see Vanessa's grandfather in her hometown. Sweet man. He cries when she leaves. Really. Not bawling, but he gets sad. Then we go and look for a bookstore. Get lost. Decide to screw it and go back to the hotel. Stop and get ice cream first, walk around with the ice cream. Don't get off on the right turn, because it no longer exists, at least according to mapquest. So we end up detouring for a good 30 minutes. Back to the hotel. Vanessa goes in the hot tub. Then we hit up Downtown Disney!

We go inside the first hotel, Paradise Pier, we go on the glass elevator, and go all the way up to the 15th floor. It's really cool. I got a high going on it, because I was AT Disneyland. However, it was also quite unnerving. But it had a really nice view. There's a picture. But we can't post it yet. Then we go to the Disneyland Hotel proper. They have this nice store with Crystal characters, I want to buy many of them, but do not. The best thing? They have this waterfall that houses a cavern. It was beautiful. We check out the pool, which is Peter Pan inspired. It's nice. The last hotel is the Grand Californian. The one that costs big money to stay in. Very pretty. The pool is also pretty. But it's just pretty, too pretty. We check out the rest of Downtown Disney, look in the world of Disney store, don't buy anything, go back to the hotel, but first we eat at Denny's. Let me tell you, the Denny's right by our hotel must be the best Denny's in the world. We have had major beef with Denny's, but sucked it up because it is cheap food, and we needed to conserve the cash. It wasn't a regret.

We get back to the hotel, and we realize that our channel selection is incredibly shitty, and filled with a whole lot of Spanish speaking channels. Including MTV Tres. We do not get MTV Uno. But they have subtitles for some of what is being said. Except for when the people are talking Spanglish. None of them will ever be on MTV Uno. I turn off the television, thinking Vanessa would not like it on. Turns out she does.

Back to Denny's for Breakfast on Day One of Disneyland. No regrets. Cheap food, kept us going. We get to the park, Vanessa gets her bag checked for a long time. I carry no bag, so I don't get checked. Then we go to the park, which did not open early on Friday, which means that we are among the first people in the park. We get to the front of the line, where we deal with annoying happy people who are too happy and therefore incredibly annoying. Once the gates open we head over to Space Mountain! Which... is closed... for half an hour. Denied, we head to Buzz Lightyear. Vanessa enjoys said ride. Big Thunder has next to no line. Funs! Then we go to Indiana Jones, very little line. Good times. The first of FOUR Jungle Cruises is next. The host sucks. Pirates is next. Pirates now has dips like Splash Mountain. Not THAT big, but still, dips that weren't there. Johnny Depp is whored out, but we expect this. Still, nice ride. The dips were great. I wanted more. Splash Mountain. Very Wet. Horribly Wet. We will not speak of it again. Winnie the Pooh! GOFER IS LOVE! Fun times. (I'm exhausted, commentary is not quite what it should be, leave me alone...) We do a shitload of the Fantasy Land rides, which are all decent. Except for the Casey Junior Train, which sucks and has a line that is far too long for far too little. And the line for eating at the Fantasyland eatery is horrible. I find out that I lost my ticket, and panic. Luckily, Vanessa picked it up for me. SAFE! We head over to Small World, which we are told is closed until we hear the music. As we're walking away we hear the music! So we hurry on back. This one girl in front of me says that she's been waiting 7 years to ride the ride, and nobody will deny her. I say nobody puts Baby in a corner. She and her companions are amused. One of them is tall. There was this woman that was on the Matterhorn shortly after us that was almost as tall as I am. I questioned the legitimacy of her femaleness. Vanessa didn't like the Matterhorn. And I answered my phone during the ride. Or tried to. Couldn't get to it in time. We also went to Space Mountain shortly after Splash. See? I can't even think properly. Space Mountain kicked ass, but my record of getting two rides on it instead of one in the same stroke is now ruined. Sad times.

California Adventure. Muppet Show. So much fun. Vanessa loved it, I loved it. Aladdin was not showing any longer because we took too long, and I was sad. Tower of Terror, which I really didn't want to do. But I'm glad I did. That ride kicks ASS! But there were some problems with it. The first time... 17 children. Under the age of 10. Accompanied by one Adult. Now, this is a teacher/student ratio that parents would kill for, but at Disneyland? It is not great. There are some annoying children, they piss off the ride operator, I feel for him. The SECOND time there are people who each weigh at least 400 pounds, and we sit next to them. One of them is so fat that his shirt covers up my buckle thing, so I have to keep on pushing it aside, and pray that I don't see stretch marks. I don't, and I am pleased. We stick around for the Mainstreet Parade. Which starts 25 minutes after it was supposed to, and is pretty damned crappy. Nothing about it has changed in 20 years, so yeah. Before that we did Soaring. Anyone who tells you that Soaring is the second coming of Christ deserves to die. That ride is all hype, and pretty stupid. The part where you go up is fun, but that's about it. It's pretty, but nothing great. A huge letdown. Oh, and nobody should ever go on Mullohand Madness, or whatever you call it. Because if that ride tips over you're going to die. You go really fast, and the turns are really sharp, and there ain't nothing to break your fall but the pavement. Never again. Never!

The parade runs through the fireworks at Disneyland, and I'm sad. We try and hit up Space Mountain at night for the different Soundtrack, but the line is horribly long, and they did not distribute fast passes after like 4, because we tried to get one so we could get on at night and we couldn't. Star Tours also sucks. Impressive for 20 years ago, not so much now. Oh, and we missed Fantasmic and Nemo by days. Suck!

We do shopping. After the parade. This is never a good idea. I find a Tink wooden statue that is only 30 dollars and I need to get it for my mother. Not to mention ornaments up the ass for my Christmas Tree. The line is long and painful, Vanessa gets upset because they try and look for a box and can't find it, they say it is no big deal, but it is, so I tell them to forget it. Then we go home and fall asleep, exhausted. I wanted to stay from opening to closing, but realize now how utterly insane that would be.

Day two. Much the same. Wake up. Denny's. Check bags (I bring one, Vanessa's is much less difficult to check) and we get in line. It opened early, which was sad. And Saturday, which means it is packed. Still, we go. Indiana is first, and there is little line. Then we do other things while waiting for Toon Town to Open. It opens at 9, instead of 10, given that the park opened at 8 instead of 9. I did not realize this. Still, the Cartoon Spin has next to no line, and we get on it. Then we go on the Storybook ride, and Vanessa's friend Lydia arrives. We spend a good portion looking for one another. Finally meeting up. We do rides. Get a fast pass for Space Mountain at around 4 in the afternoon. We then go to California Adventure.

At California Adventure we get to see the High School Musical Pep Rally. It's as painful live as it is watching, if not moreso. Such pain. The 'high schoolers' are probably all in their early 20s, if not older. One of them did look quite a bit like a husky Zac Efron. Then, to assuage my pain, we go to Aladdin. It's decent. Not great. Genie is funny. There was no Rajah or Abu, which made me VERY upset. I wouldn't see it again in the same visit, but I would recommend seeing it at least once. The people try and tell us to go one way, which is odd, considering we don't want to go that way. Oh yeah, before that we go to Tower of Terror with Lydia. She proves to be good luck. Fast line, no fat people or annoying people. Such a fun ride. We kill time while waiting for our California Screaming fast pass to kick in. We go on the Sun Wheel. No line for the non spinning part, which is good. The Swing Ride, which Vanessa does not partake in, but it is wonderful fun. California Screaming is a huge coaster, and the only 'traditional' coaster in the park. It's really really enjoyable, but we only go on it once. Get some food, much less wait, and delicious clam chowder. Then we go on the Grizzly Rapids. Significantly less wet than Splash Mountain. I approve. Space Mountain Fast Passes. Yay. Train because we're tired, which we go around and around on until we get to the opposite side of the park (after one full rotation) so that we can get on the Jungle Cruise AGAIN! This time we get the Wheelchair Boat. It does exist. And we don't sit in the middle. Good times. I want to watch the parade, Lydia wants to get a funnel cake (which they only sell at one place, in Critter Country, which is not adjacent to anything else in the park), we go there, and they don't have strawberry topping anymore, so we don't go. I try and find a good spot for the parade, and park my ass down so that Vanessa and Lydia can go to the Tower of Terror. They take forever and a day, and I end up not even sitting on the parade route. Denied. Still, I can see a majority of it. Donald is not involved, it made me sad. Parade is over, we wait for the crowd to die down, and we go to California Adventure because we want to watch the Muppet Show, again, and go on the Tower of Terror, again (at night). Muppet Show first, so great. Tower of Terror at night. So great. They want to go on it AGAIN, and they do, but I go and buy my mom's Tink thing at a store where the boxes are out there for instant gratification. Then I buy things for my grandmother and father because I spent much money on my mom but nothing on them, and that ain't right. I wait for them, we go to see the fireworks. Vanessa goes shopping and we break, she can't find us in time and watches the fireworks alone. We wait for her and realize that Disneyland needs to find a better way of crowd control after Parades and Fireworks, because what they have now (nothing) ain't working! We find Vanessa, go on the Monorail and go home. Lydia leaves around Midnight, because her brother had to wait for his girlfriend before he could get her. Sleep. Good. No more Disneyland, sad but also grateful.

We wake up later than usual, and we check out. We go back to Vanessa's grandpa's, and spend time with him. Then we're on the way home. It's hot. We can't use the AC, and for some reason my DVD player used up its battery, and I can't keep the charger in the lighter or else it will overheat. This makes me sad, because I really wanted to watch Aladdin while we were coming home. Denied. The first problem of the car ride home. The heat is the second. Damn, it is hot! During the drive we listened to lots of My Chemical Romance (who do a song about vampires), Eurovision stuff (which has a song about vampires), and Michael Jackson (who has gotten so much work done that he pretty much looks like a vampire). I keep on trying to call my parents once we get back in town so that my dad can leave and pick me up at Vanessa's house. The land line is constantly busy, and the cell phone is never picked up. This is the third problem. Vanessa finally says she will take me home. We drive towards my home, and there is a HUGE accident that caused massive backup, on the only road to my house. This is the fourth problem. We're not going to wait in that shit, so I tell her to take me to my grandmother's, which she does. We part, I go inside and pout because I want to go home because I'm tired and my parents are stupid for not having the phones and blah blah blah. Finally, after an hour, my mom comes and gets me. I check my e-mail, and realize that even though I have been gone for 4 days there is NOTHING for me to respond to, which makes me sad. But what are you going to do? Gifts are given out. And I'm tired.

PLUS... I have to work tomorrow. I'm way behind on my shows, and it will take me some time to recover.

But was it worth it? Damn straight!


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Jun. 11th, 2007 10:37 am (UTC)
wow! I am exhausted just reading that! Seeing as how I've never been to Disneyland (well, my parents CLAIM they brought me when I was like, 3, but the pictures are so generic I think they took me to some 3rd rate place and tried to CLAIM it was disney...) I didn't know any of the things you were talking about, but it sounds cool!

I hate when you get home after being gone and still no emails. Which is because people knew you were gone, but still. You feel unloved.

Are there pictures?

Did you know there is going to be another world series of pop culture this summer? Starts in a few weeks, I think. Also, Scott Baio reality show! And people say there's nothing on in summer! ;)
Jun. 11th, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
Wow. That was good. I wish I printed it out after being at teh doctor for THREE hours, that could have kept me busy! Now I need to whore out said review.
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