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Season Finales!

One thing that sucks? We get ABC family on the Dish, but we do not get ABC proper. This is problematic, given that the channel I watch the most when the shows are on is ABC proper. So, last night I had to watch the Season Finales of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters in the living room, with my drunkard mother, and my father making me shelves outside, creating quite a bit of noise. Closed the windows, turned up the volume, and I was good to go. Given that some people have not yet caught up with Desperate Housewives, I will not go into particulars regarding the season finale. It was good. The ending genuinely had me surprised, because I do not want the event that appears to take place to actually follow through. But Brothers and Sisters? Damn that show is excellent. Funny, touching, gripping, these are the things that the show provides in spades, and last night's finale was no different. Drunkard had to leave the room more than once when Justin and Nora were saying goodbye, which undoubtedly made her think about her idiot father, but I digress. I love Justin and Nora so damned much that it hurts. If they keep Dave Annable off my screen for an extended period of time, or worse, kill his character off, I will not be pleased in the least. And the ending, when they jumped into the pool, with a cover of Five Stairstep's 'Oh Child...' great! I love that song. The original version most of all, of course, but I take what I can get. I really do not want to wait until September or October for new episodes of either show. I hate the wait. I hate the wait!


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May. 21st, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
haven't watched B&S yet ... but I think that the end of DH was fake. So seems like something she'd do to get him back, doncha think?
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