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I have the high speed!

IN MY ROOM!!!!! This has never happened before. I can youtube! I CAN YOUTUBE!!! And download, though there is nothing that I want to download right now. It is glorious. The fact that I don't have a bed in this room yet (we actually bought one earlier, so I *should* have it later tonight...) doesn't even phase me now because I have high speed internet!

I woke up around the time the commencement ceremony started. I wanted to go back to sleep. Believe me, I wanted to. But I have this odd feeling that everyone was thinking about me and therefore willing me to wake up at that time. Bastards. Why can't you let my ass sleep?!

I love Menudo. I really do. The food, not the group. I just had it. But it made my nose run. I hate that about soup. Soup is so good, but it opens up your channels and you get a runny nose and that frequently sucks. Yes, it sucks. Not enough to kill my high about the high speed!!! HIGH SPEED FOR ME!!!


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May. 19th, 2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
oooh I'm jealous!!!
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