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Farewell, Veronica Mars...

It seems so very unfair that, having just learned of you and fallen in love with you, I will have to now be without you... it really does. Season 3 will be it? That shit ain't right! First the final episode of Gilmore Girls, now a cancellation of Veronica Mars? Looks like the only show I have any sort of interest in watching on the CW is Reaper, and that's on the same time as House, so I won't be watching it, unless I get the TiVo hooked up to the Satellite. And even then it might not work because I might not have the CW, considering I didn't before. I think we do have it in 'my' room, though. Where my mother watches Smackdown every Friday night. Joy.

Now to begin the long painful process of cleaning up shit. I hate cleaning up shit. I really do hate cleaning up shit. HATE. IT. Most of the packing will be done tomorrow, due to my parents bringing with them the boxes with which stuff will be packed. And tomorrow, before they come... actually, tonight, will be the cleaning of the fridge and whatnot. Tomorrow will be the cleaning of the shower. No point in cleaning it out right now, since we still have to cook and stuff...