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I thought it would be harder...

I really did. There was nothing. There were no long walks down the halls, looking at all the things that I'm probably never going to see again in my life... nothing. Am I sad? Yes, of course I'm sad. I'm going to miss the hell out of that place. For those that are going 'huh?' I have just finished my final final of my undergraduate career. I am, though not yet officially, a college graduate. It took me 11 semesters to do a program that can be done in 8 (12, if you count the semester I took off...). Six years. Basically a quarter of my life. I've met plenty of people, a lot of whom I really, truly care about. But there was nothing. No tears. Nothing. I weep during the last episode of Gilmore Girls, but when it comes to my life I can't shed a single tear? What up with that? But lord knows that, even if I don't feel like I'm showing it, it doesn't mean I'm not feeling it.

Tracy is a bit disappointed in my decision to not walk. She says that I can never have that moment back, in case I have regrets. Do I have regrets? Not in my decision to not walk, I can safely say, but I do regret the fact that teachers who I care about are not happy with my choice, and that makes me sad. And my friends, who are also sad about it. I don't like making people sad, I really don't. Okay, I do, but only when they deserve it. And these people don't deserve it.

And that's that. Farewell, college. Fools tell us that high school is the best time of our life, but I can safely say that college was hundreds of times better. Then again, I didn't have a very high bar for them to overcome.

In other news: Kelly and Reba singing together makes me happy. But the picture made Kelly look quite chubs. I really don't like her new song, either.