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Anyway, let's talk last night's Gilmore Finale, shall we? For those that haven't yet watched and WANT TO WATCH you should just avoid this post. I won't do cuts, because, dammit, my journal. Mine. Go away.

It was good. Not great. Not perfect, but good. Tears were shed. Tears indeed. I was glad that Emily and Richard didn't get the shaft, though I do think more could, and should, have been done with them. One final Emily flip out over her beloved Granddaughter's departure, complete with worry over losing her daughter yet again would have made me very, very happy. I also loved having so many of the recurring cast around. Gypsy! How I love Gypsy! And seeing them all lined up against the wall at Patty's? That was humor! I also enjoyed how the ending tied into the ending for the first episode in a way. Full circle and all that. Plus, Lane and Rory got a final moment. Poor Keiko, she's been getting pretty shafted throughout this season. Yanic more so, he didn't do much of anything this time around. But Michel has never been a hugely important character, even during the reign of the Sherman-Palladino's. Also respectable was the fact that the famous reporter woman who gave Rory her card did not give Rory her job. I would have found that much, much too simple. So it was something of a red herring, and I respect that.

There were a few glaring omissions, however.

Paris? She gets a mention, but that's it?
Mrs. Kim!!! I wanted one more Mrs. Kim moment! I realize she was probably the one who went and watched the babies, so I can understand it, but still. I wanted it.
Michel. Much like Mrs. Kim, he likely got stuck with inn duty, but he does care about Rory and I felt kind of bad that he wasn't at the big shindig.
Christopher? He's Rory's dad, for crying out loud...
Oh, and what's up with 'I don't know what it's like to have a sister!' Hello, Rory... Gigi? You know... your... actual... sister? Yes, they're not really tight, but they blood.

Truly, the one thing I wanted the most out of that final episode was for Lorelai to agree with Emily's spa idea, just to show a little bit of faith in her mother. But agreeing to continue Friday Night dinners wasn't all that bad. And who knows, she might end up doing it eventually. We'll never know.

All in all, I give the finale a solid A-, though I won't lie... sentimentality undoubtedly swayed my vote.


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May. 16th, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
I agree with all that, except I'm glad Lorelai didn't do the spa thing (she's still NOT her mother, but able to have a relationship with her), and cmon! gigi is so not the same as having a sister!

I was sort of hoping for some crazy moment, like the town troubadour to reveal something or MISTER Kim to show up out of nowhere (since he did "exist" in the first season, at least) .. but I thought the ending was lovely.

And you can still use your icon. GG lives on ...
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