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Oh, God...

Kirk Cameron's on another televangelist kick. Dammit, man, you're religious, we get it. And, that really wasn't the point of the post. Honest, I just saw the commercial, felt a cold chill run down my spine, and decided I would say something about it. Methinks I should retire the Trisney icon, given that I haven't done anything with the characters for over half a year. But they were good times. Yes, good times. Time to let go. Let go!

Okay, the real reason for the post: class today. Women's Lit class. Final Quiz of the semester. She gives us this quiz where the answers are so UTTERLY nitpicky. One of the questions was, I kid you not, how tall is the main character. It was stated, however. I got that one right. Anyway, she was just humoring herself, but the students were bitching and bitching and bitching. And before she decided to tell us that she was indeed humoring herself she said that we could have 2 minutes to talk amongst ourselves and get the answers. What followed was a frantic, frantic scene. Finally, I just shouted, 'calm your asses down, do this in an orderly fashion and everyone will get the answers right.' Did anyone listen? Not really. But the people around me elected me the ringleader for a melding of the minds. And even someone from across the room asked me for an answer. HA! I rule that class, yes I do. Then she gave the real quiz, but still, I tried to facilitate something that would be considered orderly.

I find it amazing how much weight I actually have at this school. Truly, it astonishes me. I mean, here's this class of women, sans Will, the other guy, and they look towards me? I'm far from the most intelligent person in the class. The same can be said for my Ethnic and Regional Writers class. I carry it with my comments and make it entertaining. And what about Advanced Fiction class? I have many friends there. People who will miss me. Not to mention the teachers who are like 'what am I going to do without you?' Yes, Set has made a mark on the campus... but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why.