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I have left one of my groups

I left X-Men: Still Standing. My reason that was given was because of my impending graduation and the requisite amount of soul searching that would be necessary afterwards. This is not false. However, it is also not entirely true. I enjoyed the people who wrote there, I did. They're good writers and they know about grammar and about how not to be plotless. But, at the same time, they wrote sooooooooooooooo slowly. I had been a member of that group for two months and nothing aside from characterization happened. I did not want to be in a group that was so slow paced.

The other group is disappointing me. I sent an E-mail to one of the owners because she has a request for a character that I think I can fill but she has not responded to me. It is possible that I sent it to the wrong e-mail, because she is now e-mailing from a different account than the one that is listed. However, at the same time, in that e-mail I reminded her to remove one of my characters because his storyline was gone since she did not remove it the last time the site was updated. But maybe she just forgot and then remembered and has not checked that other account yet. I will give her until tomorrow evening and then I will e-mail the other account. If that does not bear a response then I will just drop it. Oh, and, once more, I've lost a writing partner. I sent her an e-mail, too, and she never responded. I'm not sure if she just doesn't want to respond and is writing for other groups or not. It makes me sad, though. I hate how many times I've lost writing partners in that group. It's very much a revolving door group.