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I'm apparently to have a graduation BBQ thing. Don't worry V, you'll find out when and where. I'm not exactly sure when it is myself. It could be the day after I leave school. It could be the day after the day after I leave school. It could be the next weekend. I really don't know. What I do know is that I need to start compiling a list of people who I want to be there so that I can tell my mother to invite them or try to invite them. I also know that I want a lot of money. M-O-N-E-Y! If I get enough it will easily fund the Disneyland trip, which would make me happy because, you know, it's Disneyland. And Disneyland kicks ass. It could also fund a new digital camera which would take more pictures while AT Disneyland, and that too would make me happy. I also want it to be the fundage for a PS3, but that really is trirtiary in comparison to the Disneyland and therefore digital camera thing. I could get a PSP out of it, though. Yes, a PSP.

Okay, so, today I woke, up and told myself 'it's Tuesday, I just forgot to turn off my alarm.' I don't know why I told myself that it was Tuesday. But I did. Then, I woke up and realized it was Monday. Just as Pat, my roommate, jumped in the shower. Thus, it made me miss my first class. I've now missed 3 classes in grammar. Not a whole lot, I know, but I hate missing class if I can avoid it. And really I could have. Stupid mind.

There are NO comics that I want to get this week. None. This is the first time in my entire college career where I haven't had to get at least one book on Wednesday. It really makes me sad. Seriously, it makes me sad.

I'm going to miss this place, though. I really do love being here. Sometimes it sucks, like when I have a class with Gary, but overall this really was a lot of fun. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Okay, that's a lie. I'd trade it to meet BoA. In a heartbeat.