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I saved the day!

Well... not really. So, today was the day that David was supposed to pass out his story for workshop on Wednesday, right? Right. He isn't there during our first class, as is usually the case with David who if he can will wait until the last minute to pass out anything. It's really pathetic. I mean, I like David. I do. But I don't like that particular nuance of his personality. Anyway, he comes in during the 4th hour, as predicted, and I keep on thinking 'well, when is he going to pass his story out?' Not that I want to read it. Usually David's stories bring me pain. They involve Wrestling, Baseball, Harry Potter, or Halo. All things I have no love for. And usually they are at the forefront, so I can't stand it because it's just always there.

Anyway, Paul, the teacher, announces 'we've had printing problems, so that means that we won't be workshopping David's story, instead we'll...'

'I have mine.' I reply, having made the copies necessary to pass out for Wednesday during my 3 hour break today (as I have no break on Wednesday, which would make me late to class... and I hate being late!). So, I'm going first for the second cycle, even though I was supposed to go fourth. I'm glad. I didn't want to do my story during the 4th hour because the 4th hour is the WORST time to do any story, people either A) Don't show up, or B) are so damned tired that they're barely lucid. By doing it on the day I'm doing it I can at least be assured of interest. And, he was going to push the entire schedule around to work with Dave, which would mean four people would have to share 2 50 minute classes instead of just two as it is currently scheduled. I didn't want that to happen to my classmates. And that, my friends, is how I saved the day.

In other news: I saw Aidan today. And Ben. And Chris. They were eating at a sandwich place as I was walking to the place I was going to eat. He didn't have his phone, hence the months of not talking to me. I don't know. Obviously, I care about Aidan dearly, he is one of my best friends... but watch, I'll just fall back into the pattern I always do. I know I shouldn't, but I will. Damn the people who I care about and my loyalty to them. Damn it, I say!