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Skipped class...

I'm a bad, bad boy. I skipped my grammar class. Why did I skip my grammar class? Because I couldn't get to sleep until 2 AM. I just couldn't. Stomach was giving me problems, so I took a shower at about 1. I went through a disc of Roseanne and a disc of Will and Grace and still I couldn't sleep! It sucked! Ergo, I woke up and told myself I needed another hour instead of just going to my grammar class and passing out. I love my teacher for grammar, I really do, but it certainly is not the most entertaining class in the world. And fighting sleep deprivation along with boring subject material? This does not a good combination make. Besides, it's only the second class, and fourth overall, that I've missed all semester. Truly, she's missed more days of class than I have. Really, she has.

In other news: The songs from Jem and the Holograms are ridiculously addictive. I've had 'Beat This' in my head for like 12 hours now. That might have had something to do with me not being able to sleep, since I kept on going 'Beat This! Beat That!' in my head. Still, good times. God willing I'll get more sleep tonight.

I think it had something to do with all the food I ate yesterday. It was good food, too, but I guess I just overate. Speaking of food, well, kind of, the best part about skipping class is that I get to go to Butte Station for breakfast, and Butte Station is the only place on campus that sells the Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze drink. Let me tell you how much that stuff rules. It seriously does. I love it a lot. And, I had an egg. A hard boiled one. Sure, it's a day late. But, dammit, I do love hard boiled eggs. Yes, I realize that eggs have much cholesterol, but I've only had like 3 eggs since I've been back to school, counting the one I just ate. So I think I'm good to go.