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The hardest thing...

I've been doing some thinking, and my belief is that one of the hardest things in the world to deal with is when something or someone who means the world to you no longer has that impact. Don't worry, I've yet to endure another recent crisis of faith, but I've been thinking about it. Recently, I've been indulging in my retro-machine and looking at random things of wrestling past. Like, for example, the Mania VII match between Warrior and Macho Man (then Macho King) where at the end Elizabeth comes to Randy and they celebrate. It makes me miss Elizabeth, whom I was so utterly enamored with as a child, and whose beauty (at least looking back) still continues to astonish me. Other things, too, like my love for HBK and even the industry as a whole. When I was a youngster it was very important to me, a huge part of my identity. Then it became corrupted with poser fans and they ruined it for me and caused me to break away from it. I don't regret this distance, of course, because it is what it is. I certainly don't 'miss' watching RAW and so on due to the fact that though my love for the sport in a nostalgic aspect is still quite high, my apathy for the sport in its current state is huge.

The same can be said of Cyclops. How I miss being able to state with complete certainty that he is my favorite comic book character. Now, I can barely stomach the character because all that I believed him to be has become tainted by his relationship with Emma.

So many similar situations... I love so wholly and ultimately get burned due to said intensity. At least I still have BoA and Nintendo and Scott Clifton and Joan Collins and Golden Girls and my 80s cartoons and whatnot. They won't let me down!