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Wasn't as Veronica'd out as I thought...

Made it through 4 more episodes today. In one sitting. I guess I just needed a day away or something, because yesterday I really couldn't do it. I wanted to watch the show. Truly, I did. Actually, no, I didn't. I mean a part of me wanted to, but a bigger part of me was like 'nah, you can't do it.' So I listened to that bigger part of me. Two episodes left. And then all of season 3 when it comes out on DVD. Truly, I enjoy Veronica the character, and Kristen Bell is a cute little thing, but I have to say my favorite character thus far is Tina Majorino's (spelling in question because I don't see her name flashed on the opening sequence since she's recurring until season 3) Mac. Even though the actress was in Napoleon Dynamite, which I certainly do hold against her, the character is just so damned entertaining. Maybe it's a subconscious thing. I mean, she'd know how to fix my computer. Yeah that could be it. And now my foot's asleep. Oh, I hate Logan, just because.

Anyway, I've concluded that I really, REALLY need to get my stupid computer fixed. Like, massive. Cost will be a bitch, yes (probably in the range of 100 bucks if not more... 100-200), but I need to do it. I don't wanna. I really don't wanna shell out cash, but this whole computer lab thing is just... blah. I mean, I don't mind it some times, others times I do. Like this computer I'm at right now always disconnects AIM express for some reason. Of course, AIM express sucks massively to begin with. But let's not dwell on that. Tomorrow, during my 3 hour break from hell, I'm going to walk over to Brian's again because it's only like a 5 minute walk instead of a 20 minute walk, and God willing he'll be there. He's my taxi, with Aidan being all AWOL and, theoretically, declaring that I don't need to register as important on any level in his life. I mean, I've called the guy about 10 times over the past two months and he hasn't called me back. Some best friend, right? I always pick the crappy ones as far as the men friends go. Why do you think I hang out with more women? At least my female friends are, well, dependable. For the most part. I mean, there's Liz... but regardless!

I'm loving my contacts. It just feels... right... to have fake blue eyes. I realize how that sounds. It probably makes me sound like a complete ass... but I don't really give a damn. It makes me feel good. In the end, isn't that all that matters? Personally, I think it is. Precious blue eyes. Precious, precious blue eyes.

So, yeah, Veronica Mars and blue eyes good. Broken Computer bad and needs fixing.