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Please, MJ, please...

Don't try and build a giant, laser beam shooting, robot replica of yourself that will roam the Las Vegas desert. Please. I can just see something going wrong and then that thing would just go apeshit and kill people. Probably the Japanese tourists trying to get a picture next to said robot. Or those crazy European fans that love you even when you almost drop your baby from the balcony of a hotel down to them, because those people are just crazy to begin with!And that, King of Pop, would certainly not be a good thing. In short: Giant Robot, Bad. Vegas Show, Good.

I walked over to Brian's today, having not seen him online all week and being all concerned and stuff. Nobody was home. So, then I went walking back the way I came and passed by fraternity row. I feel more idiotic having walked by all the Frat and Sorority houses. The pain. The pain. Then I went to Burger King for some grub. They gave me my chicken tender fries in a spongebob box. The urge to kill was mighty indeed. EVIL spongbob. He is not even worthy of capitalization.

On the way to BK, and after the brain sucking that came from being so near they who haze but claim not to until someone dies, I walked a way in which I had not walked before. There's a park, a very pretty park. My college town is indeed a beautiful place. I will miss it. Oh, and some guy honked at me. But I have no clue who said person was. And that pissed me off. I hate it when people honk at me and I don't know who they are. I just feel like such an ass. I really do. I waved back, of course, but still.

So, I think I'm Veronica Mars'd out for the time being. 38 episodes is a lot of episodes to watch. I only have two more discs left on the second season, and I want to watch them, but I tried to put it in and I really wasn't feeling it. Too much Veronica. And so, here I am, at the computer lab because I don't have internet in my room and I can't find anyone to give me a ride to Best Buy so I can give it to the techies and tell them to fix it and I'm sure as hell not going to take it on the bus... and I'm bored. Stupid four day weekends. I remember when I used to love them. Now I hate them.