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ASA!!! NO!!!

Just checked soaptownusa.com right now... ABC was going to bump Phil Carey (Asa on One Life) down to recurring. He said no, so he's leaving. No more Asa? Now, don't get me wrong, I do not like One LIfe at all, but Asa Buchanan kicks ass. I remember randomly watching one episode with Phil and the kid who plays Matthew. It was as he was recovering from cancer. He was in a hospital bed. Maybe it was because I knew what was happening with Phil, but it didn't matter. That scene tore me up, hardcore. Asa's just a badass. And I'm going to miss him. Stupid ABC, first you kill Alan, and now you get rid of Asa?

In other news: I got Word back. Kristy helped me. She was attempting to update my computer to windows XP, but it did not want to update. Regardless, it now has Word circa 2003, and she's going to keep on trying tonight. Still nothing on the internet front. I downloaded the drivers and saved them to my flash drive, hoping that it would work. It didn't. And I was sad.