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So, this is it!

The last journal post I will do from the public library in this shithole of a little town. Spring Break sucked. Immensely. But this is to be expected, simply because of the fact that I did not have any internet. Never thought I would be begging for dial up, but I am, simply because dial up is better than nothing at all. And I would have gotten the dial up if it wasn't for the fact that getting it would have cost my parents about 240 dollars if not 480 because of the year or two year contract that is necessary. Given that we are former customers of AT&T Yahoo (when it was SBC Yahoo, so that might not count) they might already see taht we've given them such and such time, but I doubt it and I am not willing to take that chance. No sir. My mother was all sad becausae 'we didn't get to spend any time together.' She might have been sad, but I was just peachy keen about it. And she'll get drunk once I'm gone and give my dad hell about not having the shower ready so I couldn't stay with them and I had to stay with my grandmother. This fact pleased me, because I love my grandmother.

I am still worried about my computer problems and how they will impact me once I am back in my room. I mean, it really could be a simple fix. But one thing I have learned about my life... it is rarely ever simple.

Good thing I have TiVo, my cousin was in the living room when I got home last night so I couldn't watch Ugly Betty, Grey's or October Road. I think it might not have recorded October Road, but I can deal with that if it is indeed the case. And I'll be missing at least GH today, due to other obligations. Good thing I have the season pass for that thing. Buwahahaha.

Now, to spend my time on the internet writing. After all it is the thing that I need it the most for.