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I'm all pouty and whatnot!

Seriously... I posted a story on ff.net on Friday and nobody's reviewed it! 15... I think 15 chapters, and not one single damned review. People post itty bitty little drabbles that do NOTHING and get reviews. But me? I don't get boo. And that makes me saaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!

Yesterday's GH sucked so much. I fast forwarded through almost all of it. But today is Alan's funeral. Well, the start of it at the very least. Let me tell you, that episode is being saved on the TiVo. Yes it is. I also saved Sunday's Brothers and Sisters, so I could watch it whenever I wanted. Damn good. I love Dave Annable and his character. So flawed and human.

Yesterday, I *FINALLY* got the OST to FFVI, so now I can listen to it whenever I want! I'm listening to the start of the Opera and next comes the Aria Di Mezzo Carattere! Plus, Relm's theme! Relm's theme!!! The greatest theme in the history of video games!

Plus, today, BoA the Live! shipped out. It won't be here till Saturday or something, if not Monday... but still. BoA the Live! It sucks that I have to watch it on my portable DVD player, but I can deal.