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3 AM Booty Call!!!!

No, not me. The guy above me. And his fuck buddy, or girlfriend, or concubine... whatever. She was loud enough for me to hear above the sound of the bed pounding. He wasn't. It woke me up, too. Bastards. At least, I think it was the guy above me. It could have been the guy next to me, I'm really not sure. All I know is that someone got some last night, yes they did.

You know what *I* got last night? Thriller. For Free. Hells yeah! How'd I get it for free? Went to Best Buy, got the Sword in the Stone on DVD, and Thriller on CD, and used my 15 dollar off coupons. Thriller was 12.99. So, freebie! I also had a stomach ache, though that could have been from the sex. I'm doing better now. Thanks.