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I *may* have found a group!

Its a message board group, which depresses me because I hate message board groups, but the people seem competent (their biographies are larger than the one I made, and they have a good grasp of grammar!). Some things I dislike (they don't like it when people play the young adult age group, which I covet...), but, you know, overall, it seems to be okay. Haven't gotten the character approved just yet, but if it happens I will be happy. If it don't, I will be sad. And I will move on.

Continuing with the writing news: My most constant partner over at Avant Garde left. She hasn't been constant since November, though. They're also complaining about stupid shit that makes them hypocritical, like the fact that people are ignored. Or saying they want people to post more when they take a week to respond to something themselves. I hate that shit.

And my story hit page 50 yesterday. Taking a break today (since I'm working on a whole 4 hours of sleep), and took a day off I think on Wednesday, so I was averaging about 10 pages a day. Good job, me!