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BAH, I say, BAH!!!

Bestbuy sends me an e-mail. What does this e-mail say? Your item 'Wii Play' has been backordered! Nevermind the fact that I ordered it like three weeks ago. Or that I paid 10 dollars for next day shipping... or the fact that, if they check my damned rewards zone membership, they'll see that I spend SO MUCH MONEY at Best Buy that it isn't even funny, it's just pathetic. No. None of that apparently matters. I guess it's better this way, though. Wii play has gotten some rather horrid reviews. And I know most people bought it for the free Wii mote. Hell, it might not even be Best Buy's fault. I mean, look at the shortage of Wii motes the world over. Nintendo might have just been like 'oh, crap, too many people want it!' And that was that.


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Feb. 14th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
yeah, I don't think they like, purposely said LET'S GET SETSY!!!!

backordered usually means they're out of it and need to re-stock.

It'll be ok, setsy.... *hugs*
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