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Though normally against it...

Today, I really had no choice. My roommate took a 30 minute shower. 30... minute... shower. I don't know why he needs to take so long in the shower. I can certainly appreciate long showers, though. Anyway, yeah, I'm up, on the computer, and dirty from a night of sleeping. Normally I don't get on until I have showered and dressed, but since I was up for 30 minutes in bed, unable to fall back asleep because of the shower constantly running, I got up anyway. Now I have to wait for the water to re-heat and the steam to go away.

In other news: I got my first grammar quiz back, and I got me an A! Never got an A before in a grammar class. Ever. Such things are amazing to me. Also, I don't think I will finish reading Mary Rowlandson's book, because I'm protesting its craptitude, since said craptitude is of immense proportions. And, my fiction story gets passed out tomorrow. I'm worried, for there will be many who do not like it.